Abiteboul’s Alpine F1 departure was a “shock” – Budkowski

Ahead of the 2021 F1 season the former Renault team was rebranded to Alpine, the French manufacturer’s sportscar brand.As part of the rebrand, the management structure of the Enstone also received an overhaul under new Renault CEO Luca de Meo.PLUS: How Alpine’s cure to 2021 rules starts at the frontLong-time Renault employee Abiteboul was let go from the company, with Alpine to be …Keep reading

Has Vettel got his mojo back at Aston Martin?

Chatting to the media via Zoom during Aston Martin’s launch on Wednesday, Sebastian Vettel was in an optimistic and positive frame of mind, making it clear that he’s moved on from any disappointment at the way his Ferrari career ended. That mojo phrase was used last year by Aston Martin technical director Andrew Green when speaking about what Vettel could bring to the team, and what the team …Keep reading

The 12 month journey to settle Aston Martin’s new F1 livery

The green and black livery – with those streaks of pink – is certain to stand out when battle commences in Bahrain later this month.But, equally, the unveiling marked the end of a long journey that Aston Martin has made in coming up with the exact colours that will carry the British sportscar manufacturer’s return to F1.While it has been known for several months now that Aston Martin …Keep reading